Marie Stroughter

Marie Stroughter's foray into political activism began around the dinner table as she deconstructed the day's news cycle with her husband and three homeschooled children. She is one of the founding members of African-American Conservatives (AACONS), and is the host of its critically acclaimed podcast. Marie has served as a communications and social media guru for a number of statewide and national campaigns ranging from senatorial to presidential. In 2019, Ms. Stroughter was appointed to be a National Advisory Board Member and surrogate for Black Voices for Trump. She currently serves on the America First National Engagement Council, an arm of the America First Policy Institute. She has been a part of Allen West's digital team since 2017. The former Digital Comms Director for the Republican Party of Texas, she now serves a similar role for Texas Values, a nonprofit devoted to policies related to faith, family, and freedom. Marie also freelances and focuses on growing AACONS. To book Marie, use the "Contact Us" page.