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Well, it was Jocelyn Elders who said Medicaid must have been invented by a white slave owner. Well, Ms. Elders, even a broken clock is right one time a day, it was LBJ! Now we are all enslaved by the socialist’s “War on Poverty.”

I was so pleased to read this commentary. The issue of negative impacts of immigration on the African-American community is an old one! The first major race riots in the United States were between very poor Irish immigrants who had escaped the Potato Famine and the newly freed former slaves. Even though I’m a descendent of those immigrants, in all fairness I have to say the African Americans were right to resent the Irish whose presence was pushing down the wages they received for their labors. Same thing is happening today with the influx of large numbers of Mexicans and Central Americans. Of course the Democrats had their fingerprints all over the number of Irish coming into the country in the 19th Century just like they do today with the open invitation to poor Latinos. If for no other reason, I’d say this is a cause that many African Americans need to have a serious discussion with Democratic politicians about. I would be very happy to hear anyone else’s comments on this.

Nicely written. I feel it is either time to open the borders completely, or truly seal them. As a sovereign nation, we need to hold that other sovereign nation to our south accountable for securing their border. Time to stop sending money to Mexico. Stop everything. Mexico is breaching our borders. That, or just open it up wide.

Time for a sales tax. For every % of sales tax increase, reduce income tax by the same. Make citizenship worth something. Even illegals have to buy stuff.