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Obama’s trip to Chicago should help pad the DCCC’s coffers. In April, events the president attended for the DCCC in San Francisco helped net $3.25 million for the committee.*,,.

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I NEVER mix Politics with religion, NOR should anyone think that Republicans are Christians. Romney is Mormon. There is no way to compare the too. The Government is man-made and I feel the whole idea is the devil’s work due to the fact that it divides a free country in two against one another. That is why I try to survive as best I can because whoever is in office, the opposition will try to negate any ideas of the office. They call themselves Americans when all they can do is bad talk the elected President whether it had been Obama or Romney. America IS in trouble because politics divides us and religion has nothing to do with it. There are so many religions NO ONE will be able to be a president for the people. God is the ruler no matter what……. so NO ONE should get that TWISTED!!!!!

Hank, you are my brother & I love you, but I think you’ve missed my point. A Christian is. Period. It infuses everything they are. You cannot separate them. And should there come a time when the two conflict, a Christian will choose God every time. I have made my stand & said what I said. I didn’t mention Mitt Romney, Mormons, and made one reference to Republicans (and it was to say, I’m not saying to become one).

The Bible says “work out your own salvation with fear & trembling.” That’s what I am doing & pray you will too. You are right that it doesn’t matter who is President, God is STILL King.


I would think any decent Black Christian would utterly rebuke Jamie FOXX LOUD and clear.The ones I know remain silent even though they praise Jesus all the time..Can’t laugh & clap at a fools remark..