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Hi AAC, I’m a 50-something woman. I just found your website and I like it. A few years ago, I went on Ron Paul’s website and I got right off it because the bloggers shocked me with their anti- semitic remarks. It seems they were quite comfortable expressing them on Paul’s site. There is no way I’d vote for this man. Now he’s using blacks just like the liberals use them. Funny how he brings up blacks and drugs, isn’t it? America has a spiritual problem more than anything. The Genesis 12:3 blessing/curse is still in effect! Using this, I would have to say that Paul would be as dangerous to America as Obama.

the sound of crickets in the blog.


let me known when the blogger has something important to parrot.

i certainly won’t be looking for any original thought.

oh, for the record, ron paul has been attacked by pretty much everyone, except Ronald Reagan, for 4 decades now. We have the videos and documents to prove it. And here’s yours. btw, they identified with 99% certainty the author of those very distasteful paragraphs in the newsletter.

My bad, I got you mixed up with another writer of seperate article who used a Ralph Waldo Emerson qoute and used it to paint Paul as ignorant. I meant no disrespect. By the way, I’d be interested in your take on Paul’s performance in tonight’s debate. He laid it down for African-Americans. Point blank.

You want him out of the national political discourse?

Who then will speak for African-Americans?

No one, but one.

Paul 2012

I could go on and on but I will just address the one issue that completely topples your 5-stage argument over. Anger. Or supposed anger…

What you and millions of others saw was a CNN-edited piece of propoganda that made it LOOK as if Paul stormed off from a reporter’s initial inquiry, when in fact it was actually at the conclusion of an 8-minute interview. The interview had essentially ended. And to be honest, how many times does one have to answer the same question over and over. It was clear ambush journalism. It was pathetic and frustrating to watch, just from a viewer’s perspective.

But point being that Paul did not storm off from a reporter in anger. You were duped just like many other Americans who are not literate enough in media manipulation.

Who’s ignorant now…?