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I halfway agree with Soulbrother. We the GOP actually ARE at fault .. but that’s for not doing OUR part to identify ourselves. This doesn’t negate liberalism’s faults, nor isolate ANY of us from increasing our own private poverty when we accept treacherous lies as HOPE. And spare me talk of positive role modelling for your sect. True conservatives believe all men are the same colour, just different shades of whatever name ya label it with. We’re all poor when the country goes belly up, financially. We aren’t controlled by Libs if we don’t VOTE for them. Else, your skinshade isn’t what classifies you, but the philosophy behind the foolish masses, even if “white”. Take pride in God & country, not whether your skin links you to an image. That’s the liberal game.

The majority of blacks don’t live in poverty. Roughly 25% of blacks do in the United States. that means roughly 75% do not.

I don’t know why black conservatives feel the need to push forward a false view that the overwhelmingly state of blacks is poverty, dysfunction and blind slave like loyalty to the Democratic Party. If the GOP had failed to attract black voters it’s because they’ve failed for a variety of reasons.

Keep up the good work exposing the complete and utter hypocrisy of the Left. They claim to want to help minorities, but every single one of their policies is crafted to keep minorities under the government thumb. The Poverty Industry and the Poverty Pimps perpetuate the lie that if it wasn’t for them and the government, minorities wouldn’t get anywhere. In fact, minorities are being held back and tied down, mainly by a culture that believes that getting ahead is “selling out to the man.” As a white man, I can’t point that out without being called a racist, which of course couldn’t be further from the truth.

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