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Lt. Col. West Undoubtedly you have much Courage. You, and others like you are people ALL Americans can and should look up to. I believe many
liberals are of the young and idealistic kind, indoctrinated through false education of our history. I too was idealistic when I was young. Now I am older and wiser and I do not look at the world through rose colored glasses. I was not raised to ‘hate’ I had many friends of all colors and religions. I believe in America, our Fore Fathers, and our Constitution. I believe in pulling one’s weight, self reliance and personal responsibility. If we change anything in our educational system, we should include the latter in social science classes. Wouldn’t that be a hoot! I hope people wake up. If any dems have ‘buyers remorse’, unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse if we continue to allow this socialist Government to lead us. I cringe because there are many people in this country who are very ignorant to the happenings which are occuring and I believe this is what the liberals count on – ignorance. ” Deception Needs Ignorance. Truth ALWAYS destroys deception.” -Unknown. I am part of the Tea Party. I have been to many rallys. If there were any occurances of racism, we would police ourselves – I have not seen a single racial act committed (I am not ingnorant of the fact there are always fringe elements in every group). In fact, I wish more diverse people who believe as the Tea Party does, in smaller government, less government intrusion, lower taxes, personal responsibility, Our Constitution etc… would have the courage that you have Lt. Col. West, and join us in solidarity of this great cause… The NAACP should be ashamed of themselves!!! It’s obivious we are being ‘pitted against one another’ for POLITICAL REASONS we must never forget that! Patriot in NJ

The Tea Party Patriots movement does not have a “head” or leader. They are a true grass-roots movement.

If Al Sharpton is the “head” of “One Nation”, then “One Nation” is not a grass-root movement.

Excellent article Lt. Col. West. Well reasoned and factual. Too bad you’re likely too smart to run for national public office; America could use you again.

AMEN! You are a courageous individual. It must be so hard to go against the very liberal black leaders. The black community needs to have more than one voice. Your voice is a breath of fresh air.

While reading your article I thought of printing copies and distributing them to folks standing in line waiting to vote…and, sadly thought some wouldn’t read it and others unable to comprehend would find one or two passages, take them out of context and start expressing their opinions…opinions largely rooted in their perception of their powerlessness. My despondency stems from my belief that too many people have given up, making it Al Sharpton’s message much easier to accept than Ltc. West’s.

Lt. Col. West, Sir, thanks for updating your fellow African Americans on the insidious and debilatating concepts of Mr. Sharpton, Mr. Jessie Jackson et al that subjugate the whole African American population in a deadly strangle hold. I pray there will be more people like you and former
Rep. James Watt of Oklahoma to lead the black community. May the good Lord bless and keep you.

Col. West, we need more people of your mettle. Do your best for us, Sir, and may God bless you in your endeavor.