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Your Write-up mirrors my initial thoughts and tweets when I saw the video clip. That there is a Racist history to Bill Maher, makes it even worse. Thank you for exposing the facts to Bill Maher. I agree, he will be protected due to his Progressive status.

I believe most people have no idea what racism is. I would define it as “a belief that there are inherent fundamental differences between races.” When I was a teen, a couple of friends and I were discussing our heritage (I don’t recall how the discussion began), but one said he was of English descent. I followed by saying my I was “Heinz 57″… Canadian, Dutch, German, English, and French (those are the nations in which I am aware I have roots), my other friend said he was Mexican… I was confused because he appeared to be embarrassed. I brushed it off as “maybe it was my imagination.” But, now older and less naive, thinking back I realize that he was ashamed of his heritage. I never considered him different from any of my friends, sure his skin was a bit darker than most of my friends, but I thought nothing of it.
On the other hand, my English friend had a girlfriend whom we caught prostituting herself for drugs. I was angry with her for betraying my friend’s loyalty to her, but she immediately called us “racists”?!?! The drug dealer was a black teen. His race had nothing to do with my anger, it was her immorality, indecency, and betrayal. NOW GET THIS… she said, “You’re just a racist! I’m not a racist; in fact, I think blacks are nicer people than whites.” !!!! She believes that she’s not racist, because her racist beliefs are not negative towards blacks!
Bill Maher’s comment definitely sounds racist to me. I virtually never even mention race, but when it does come up, I never typify a person’s character because of his appearance. It appears that Liberals believe (much like my friend’s idiot girlfriend) that they are immune to being labeled racists because they are “supposedly” pro-black… I suppose you could call it that.
Truth be told, I believe that the Liberal Democrats have far more of a racist problem within their party because they are actively and dishonestly using race to create a voting block. Their dishonesty only perpetuates the race problems in America. There’s no doubt that happens in the GOP as well, but not nearly to the same extent. I believe real Conservatives call out for equal rights, religious freedom, and equal opportunities for all Americans, no matter their race. I must add that I stress EQUAL OPPORTUNITY does not mean that there will be equal results. Hard work, work ethics, personal talents, being born into wealth, and just pure luck all play roles in all citizens’ stations.
I have no idea why Bill Maher thinks he’s so much more brilliant than average Americans. It seems has two rectal cavities… the second one on his face spews the same disgusting gases and fecal matter as his first.

Even when a term is well defined Progressives & leftists of all stripes have NO problem using it in inappropriate, or even contradictory, ways. President Obama’s admonition to George Stephanopoulos not to turn to the dictionary to look up a word (tax) demonstrates the level to which leftists will go to control/define terms to serve their own purposes.

According to one dictionary definition of “racism” (“The belief that race accounts for differences in human character”), Maher is a racist. Most leftists apparently believe that the dictionary is a tool of racists though, so not sure if a leftist would accept this assessment.

Maher really is just an overpaid idiot who happens to also be racist (or an overpaid racist who happens to also be an idiot). Lots of them runnin’ around in the media these days. Perhaps we need to coin a new term for leftist racists who make money by leading millions of folks astray with their mind-numbing misuse and abuse of the English language. Anyway, it doesn’t matter…leftists have so indoctrinated the masses in the U.S. that leftist racism is now seen as a mandatory trait for anyone looking to hold influence in the Progressive sphere.