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Hi Mike,
I just wanted to add; before reading Butler’s book I was as “gung-ho” as any that ever stepped forward and swore to uphold the Oath, but now with my eyes wide open. That book led me others that debunked many of the lies my teachers had been programmed to teach me, such as Howard Zinn’s “A Peoples History of the United States”. This book led me to question the real reasons for the mad rush to invade this land by the British and French after Spain had discovered it’s enormous resources. This book is titled “The Pirate Queen and her Sea Dogs”. Realizing that once this had been accomplished it became absolutely imperative to garner the human resources to exploit these resources, which led to the establishment of the London company, that utilized all persons viewed by the English Aristocracy as inferior life forms, ripe for exportation and exploitation in their New Colonies including Australia and the history of the Diggers and Roundheads. This is explained in “Emigrants In Chains” by Peter Wilson Coldham. Amazon has all of these references if you care to check them out. There is so much that we’ve never been told that continues the perpetuation of this Profound Misunderstanding. Semper Fi.

I’m also a Marine Corp Vet. tat believes in legal immigration but of the correct People. Before Columbus ever stepped foot on these shores, he mistakenly thought he’d reached Asia and the indigenous people who welcomed him were Asiatics or Natives of India. The Keyword here is [INDIGENOUS] It removes any vestiage of being considered an Illegal Alien. When this continent is viewed as the landmass it truely is, it is one that was divided by the original illegal aliens into one with two hemispheres that contained indigenous people with varied cultures, yet all of very similar physical appearence. An Indigenous North American Native is no more or no less Indigenous to this dual hemisphere continental land mass, that any of the South American Indigenous Natives. As proof of this, the authority under which Columbus debarked from Spain is found in the “Doctrine of Discovery”, initiated by the Spanish King/Queen, Ferdinand and Isabella which is founded upon the”Dum Diversa” of Pope Nicholas-V’s Papal Bull of 1451. “for the lack of knowledge my people perish”. Ithe Arawat had of known of Columbus’ plans and established their own immigration laws; things would look alot different today. For further reading see “They Came Before Columbus” by Ivan van Certima and “The Olmecs..A MesoAmerican Wonder”.
As I read this history and fastforward to the present; I see no difference between the use of Agent Orange on an Indigenous people and the Buffalo hunters of last century, Destroying a basic human survival resource of a people to conqure ,exploit or slaughter them for the profit of the Plunderers. As a ex-Marine let recommend to you a book by another ol’ Jarhead Ret.Maj.Gen.Smedley D. Butler “www.WAR IS RACKET”
Peace, Semper Fi

I am not black but my kids said I look like Saddam Hussein…If I were asked for my ID, no problem! I am a former US Marine and I believe in Language “ENGLISH”, Borders “Build a FENCE”, Culture “The American Way of Life”. Our people 1st! Our jobs for our people 1st! Our help for only our people 1st! I also believe in legal immigration,
LEARN ENGLISH! LEARN OUR CUSTOMS! PAY OUR TAXES! Mr. Obama, said that if you take your kids for ice cream, you may be checked for your status? Constitutional Law Professor? No, but if illegals could vote well they would vote for him…McCain was the same way, Sure wish we had someone who put America above themselves!! Any takers Col. West?