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Wow… It is so incredibly refreshing to read these words! I have lost so much hope in this country after this election. Americans truly are some of the most wishy-washy, ignorant creatures on the face of the planet.

I know people who are African-American AND proclaimed Christians who totally support this slimeball! I was totally shocked when I discovered this! I sent out emails educating everyone I knew about how this man is dangerous, and a terrible change for America.

Most responded that everything I said was right on, but these Black “Christians” I mentioned earlier said I was being “offensive” and “racist”!

I was shocked and outraged.

Facts are offensive, I suppose.


*shakes head in utter frustration

Not many people are willing to stand firm on their convictions these days, it seems. Political correctness trumps that for alot of people, afraid to speak their minds for that reason. Your article is common sense at its finest.

You are right on. It is too bad that most folks who say thet they have a belief in God really don’t know what His Word says. They rely on feelings, and popular opinion. When asked, they accept experience, and popular opinion over God’s Word on most subjects that are plainly covered in the bible in black and White.

What a shame, that this is so. The Bilble says that if you love God, you will KEEP His Commandments. You can’t keep what you don’t know or care about.

“Ye Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.”