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Will Blacks Be Included in Trump’s GOP?

In a National Review piece, one of my favorite political writers, Deroy Murdock, once commented that, “Republicans need not win the Black vote, or even a third of it. Securing 15 percent of the Black electorate severely erodes the stalwart-Democrat base. … Continue reading

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Race and Republicans

I was honored to speak today on Arise.tv about the role of African-Americans in the Republican party. There’s only so much you can say in seconds-long sound bites, particularly when many charges are being leveled at you with machine gun … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Michael Steele Upon His “Fried Chicken and Potato Salad” Remark

Note: This open letter is in response to RNC Chairman, Michael Steele, who, in response to a question regarding more diversity within the RNC, made the remark, “Y’all come!” prompting someone to yell out, “I’ll bring the collard greens.” Mr. … Continue reading

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