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Zogby Poll: 76%

he recent Zogby Analytics poll has reported that President Obama’s approval rating has dropped to 44%. A quick glimpse at some of the latest headlines should show why this is not a surprise: A 2.9% contraction of GDP A loss … Continue reading

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Statement Regarding the Black Panther Case by LTC Allen West

LTC West has graciously forwarded us a copy of his position on the disposition of the Black Panther case: “The recent decision by the Obama Justice Department to drop all charges of voter intimidation against the New Black Panther Party … Continue reading

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Evil Republicans to Unemployed: Drop Dead

Anyone clicking on the major news sites Thursday night would have been greeted by a startling headlines that would not exactly make one proud of being a member of the GOP. The headline, of course, is “Evil Republicans To Unemployed: … Continue reading

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McChrystal, Obama, and Afghanistan by Coby Dillard

So, GEN McChrystal resigned. In fairness, he wasn’t fired, though he probably would have been-from his position as the top American and NATO commander in Afghanistan…and all because, it seems, he said that President Obama seemed “uncomfortable and intimidated” at … Continue reading

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Why the Tea Party Should Thank President Obama (and the rest of the progressives)

On April 16th – the day after thousands of people took to the streets to attend Tea Party rallies – President Obama, speaking before an enthusiastically supportive audience, mocked the protestors, saying, “I’ve been a little amused over the last … Continue reading

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Obama V. Fox: Why Obama Hates Fox News

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Obama Administration does not like Fox News.  Why would it? Fox has aired more anti-Obama commentary and negative news reporting — and probably exponentially so — than every other network … Continue reading

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FightForAnita.com: Legal Defense Fund For Anita MonCrief

Anita MonCrief is the courageous woman who came forward to expose the corruption at ACORN. She paved the way for James O’Keefe & Hannah Giles, and others who are now coming forward with their tales regarding this organization. However, Anita’s … Continue reading

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5 Easy Steps to Health Care Reform

The most ironic and frustrating aspect of health care reform is the controversy surrounding it. On the face of it, health care reform should be easy. Every American believes in health care reform. Each of us could benefit from it. … Continue reading

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Barack Obama’s Solution to Torture

Anyone who follows the current political chatter these days might find it easy to forget that out of all the countless terrorists this country has fought over the last decade, and out of all the countless terrorists we have captured, … Continue reading

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Obama, Abortion and Notre Dame – Oh My!

During last year’s campaign season, I got e-mail after e-mail from many of my African-American family members urging me to vote for Barack Obama. Most of these individuals profess a devout faith in God, as does our President. I knew … Continue reading

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