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Marie Stroughter is a Big, Fat, Right Wing Extremist (and She’s Dumb, Too!)

Often, on the radio show, and more frequently now in the aftermath of the NAACP Tea Party Resolution and “Sherrod-gate,” we’ve talked about the tendency of the Left to go on this vicious, ballistic, and, oh so very personal, attack … Continue reading

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The New KKK

Today’s Ku Klux Klan is a mere specter of the group whose legacy includes terrorizing six generations of African-Americans. The Klan, once boasting of as many as six million members — and the power to influence presidencies, Congress, national legislation, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Culture of Corruption by Michelle Malkin

It is hard to measure the impact Michelle Malkin has had on the world of Internet political investigative journalism. She is not only the founder of her own site, michellemalkin.com, as well as the invaluable hotair.com site, but she has … Continue reading

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