Newt Gingrich at CRP – the CA GOP Conference

Newt Gingrich was the only presidential candidate to make an appearance at the California Republican Party conference (CRP) this weekend in Burlingame, CA.

With introductions by Michael Reagan, Herman Cain, and Callista Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House refuted point by point President Obama’s speech on energy given this past Friday.

Blessed to be onstage with such political luminaries was African-American Conservatives’ Co-Founder, Marie Stroughter.

President Obama’s speech on energy at the University of Miami

Speaker Gingrich’s rebuttal at CRP

AACONS Co-Founder, Marie Stroughter onstage listening to Michael Reagan

AACONS on To The Point

African-American Conservatives Co-Founder, Marie Stroughter, appeared on today’s episode of To the Point on KCRW, an NPR affiliate. Ms. Stroughter spoke to the conservative viewpoint, with panelists Dr. Peniel Joseph, Walter Rhett and Mikki Taylor espousing the liberal perspective. Click the hyperlinked show name above to listen in, and share your thoughts with us!