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Race and Republicans

I was honored to speak today on Arise.tv about the role of African-Americans in the Republican party. There’s only so much you can say in seconds-long sound bites, particularly when many charges are being leveled at you with machine gun … Continue reading

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Why Barack Obama is Nothing Like Jesus Christ

Despite anything a Hollywood “comedian” might tell you, or some common artist who paints the President as dying on a cross, newsflash: Barack Obama is not the Savior. Comedian Jamie Foxx made remarks at a recent awards show that I … Continue reading

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Evil Republicans to Unemployed: Drop Dead

Anyone clicking on the major news sites Thursday night would have been greeted by a startling headlines that would not exactly make one proud of being a member of the GOP. The headline, of course, is “Evil Republicans To Unemployed: … Continue reading

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Reid, Race, and the Democrat's Double Standard

As an African-American male living in a state that is diverse in all ways except for its political affiliation, I can say that I’ve seen my fair share of people from all walks of life.  I have seen extremes of … Continue reading

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