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Blood On Their Hands

ccording to a recent Gallup poll “the percentage of Americans naming ‘race relations’ or ‘racism’ as the most important problem in the U.S. has climbed dramatically to 13%”. This is the highest figure Gallup has recorded on this question since 1992, … Continue reading

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Political Correctness Gone Amok

DISCLAIMER: In this rant, I discuss Conservative politics. If you are not a Conservative, you may be deeply disturbed. I also discuss my faith from a Christian perspective. Whereas, I am sharing my opinion only, you may read something into … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street (Part 2): Craptastic Capitalism

A nationally known sandwich chain has a franchise across from the recreation center my children attend. Thus, on an almost weekly basis, because we have Bible study on that weeknight almost immediately after the rec class, we often stop by … Continue reading

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Podcast: Happy Days Are Here Again, But Happy Meals Are Not

Podcaster: Marie Stroughter Summary: One CA county puts the kibosh on fast food toys….A nanny state run amok? Powered by

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Podcast: A Conservative By Any Other Name

Podcaster: Marie Stroughter Summary: What we call ourselves is less important than our message. Powered by

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Podcast: African-American Conservatives and the 2nd Amendment

Podcaster: Marie Stroughter Summary: This installment of African-American Conservatives discusses the 2nd Amendment, and its unique implications in communities of color. Powered by

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Podcast: An Argument Against the Public Option in the Health Care Reform Debate

Podcaster: Marie Stroughter Summary: African-American Conservatives Co-Founder, Marie Stroughter, relates a very personal account of why she is against the so-called “public option” in the health care reform debate in “An Argument Against HCR Public Option,” our latest podcast. Regardless … Continue reading

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Podcast: Wake Up Washington: What GOP Wins in VA and NJ Mean for the Democrats

Podcaster: Marie Stroughter Summary: Hot off the presses from last night’s upsets in VA and NJ, here’s what those wins should declare to DC! Powered by

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African-American Conservatives on Blog Talk Radio

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