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How Much is Obamacare Going To Cost Us, Anyway?

It is a tribute to President Obama and his allies that we are entering 2015 without a clear idea of how much Obamacare will cost us. It was the President after all who said as a presidential candidate in 2007 … Continue reading

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Obama’s Shield

A politician could be caught standing over a dead hooker with a bloody knife in one hand and a bag of cocaine in the other and his defense would be, “I think it is time for us to put this … Continue reading

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God and Marriage

I’ve read a lot of articles over the past several years, ever since my state voted against same sex marriage (twice). Now that the issue is before the Supreme Court, I see tensions running high on both sides, but few … Continue reading

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Marie Stroughter at Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally – October 20, 2012

African-American Conservatives Co-Founder, Marie Stroughter, speaks at the Stand Up For Religious Freedom rally in San Francisco on Saturday, October 20, 2012:

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The Monarch Presidency – Obamacare and the Individual Mandate

Actually, I have not been an opponent of an individual mandate. It seems to me intuitively correct that the state should not have to pay for the healthcare of a financially secure individual who for whatever reason has decided not … Continue reading

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The Purple and Gold Health Care Debate

If President Obama wants to be able to govern, he will have to sign into law some ideas that at least a handful of Republicans can live with.  Following the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, he (and Pelosi and … Continue reading

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Podcast: An Argument Against the Public Option in the Health Care Reform Debate

Podcaster: Marie Stroughter Summary: African-American Conservatives Co-Founder, Marie Stroughter, relates a very personal account of why she is against the so-called “public option” in the health care reform debate in “An Argument Against HCR Public Option,” our latest podcast. Regardless … Continue reading

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5 Easy Steps to Health Care Reform

The most ironic and frustrating aspect of health care reform is the controversy surrounding it. On the face of it, health care reform should be easy. Every American believes in health care reform. Each of us could benefit from it. … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform: The Dastardly Dishonest Debate

The White House is reportedly angry about a newly released video of then Senator Obama saying in 2007 that, “I happen to be a proponent of single-payer, universal health care plans” being used to create the “false impression” that Mr. … Continue reading

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The Cost of Free Health Care

Recently smokers have been stunned to see the cost of their favorite cigarettes increased dramatically by 61 cents, bringing the federal tax total to $1.01 a pack. Critics of this tax increase have complained that this tax hurts the poor … Continue reading

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