Screenshot of Marie Stroughter and Roderick Graham

Conversation on Blackonomics

January 22, 2019 Marie Stroughter 0

Professor Roderick Graham and I have embarked on a series of discussions on issues affecting Black America. Here is our latest effort, wherein we discuss economics and the Black community. 

African American Conservtives AACONS Trump political violence

Trump and the Era of Political Violence

October 25, 2018 DarkKnight3565 0

This is a strategy that might benefit the left in the short-run. But, it is a dangerous game they are playing, and very provocative to the wrong sort of people, with stakes much graver to them, and to all of us, than who will win the next election.

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October 16, 2015 DarkKnight3565 1

With one side accusing the other of preferring to allow mass killings rather than endure even modest gun safety laws, and the other firing back Read More

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