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The Killing of Sanctuary Cities

If you were in the New York area on March 2, 2017, it would have been difficult for you to miss the news of thirteen members of the gang MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) charged by way of federal indictments for the … Continue reading

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Trump’s Pro-Black Inaugural Address

On January 20, 2017, at 11:51 am ET, Donald Trump delivered his first speech as American president.  With several former presidents — including the first Black president, Barack Obama — reportedly squirming uncomfortably behind him, President Trump spoke to the thousands gathered … Continue reading

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Mediocre Negroes

There are likely many who, if told that an award winning Black female singer was inundated with death threats and racist insults until she was finally forced to decline an invitation to perform at a presidential inaugural ball, would assume … Continue reading

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Welcome Mat Freedoms

An interesting moment in the vice-presidential debate occurred when Democrat Tim Kaine said the following: “So let’s talk about abortion and choice. Let’s talk about them. We support Roe v. Wade. We support the constitutional right of American women to … Continue reading

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A Trump Presidency Is The Best Option for African Americans

To the surprise of very many, Donald Trump is actually doing great with African American voters. Of course “great” is a relative term. Mr. Trump is no threat to win a majority or even a plurality of the Black vote. … Continue reading

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Will Blacks Be Included in Trump’s GOP?

In a National Review piece, one of my favorite political writers, Deroy Murdock, once commented that, “Republicans need not win the Black vote, or even a third of it. Securing 15 percent of the Black electorate severely erodes the stalwart-Democrat base. … Continue reading

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Should Conservatives Vote For Donald Trump?

On May 3, 2016, not long after Senator Ted Cruz suspended his presidential campaign, Donald Trump gave a speech that was likely chilling to Conservatives already devastated by Cruz’s defeat. In this speech —  that sounded as though it was … Continue reading

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With one side accusing the other of preferring to allow mass killings rather than endure even modest gun safety laws, and the other firing back with accusations of an attempt at total gun confiscation, all in the dust of the … Continue reading

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Black and White Lives Matter

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has a message. It is a message they are so desperate for you to hear that they have recently shutdown an anniversary celebration of Medicare and Social Security for you to hear it, even if that meant … Continue reading

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The Prince: Obama and a Nuclear Iran

Even Conservatives must admit to some begrudging admiration for President Obama’s ability to further his agenda. “If only,” we are tempted to think, “we had such a figure on our side. We’d have lower taxes, a stronger military, more secure … Continue reading

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