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MSDNCNN and the New Racism

August 5, 2019 DarkKnight3565 0

To a conservative, racism is prejudice against or the hatred of another race, or the belief that one’s own race is superior to other races. To a liberal, racism is simply the expression of opposition to a progressive person of color by a white conservative.

Photo of a couple holding the feet of their baby in an article about life and the Virgina late-term abortion debacle on African American Conservatives written by DK.

Dems Speak Honestly About Abortion

February 1, 2019 DarkKnight3565 0

We must ask ourselves: how comfortable should we be in allowing those who would defend cankerworms, but call for allowing the killing of a child — even as this child is emerging from the birth canal — to care for us?

A photo of Michael Giles in an article on African American Conservatives with a petition for his release

Free Michael Giles

December 31, 2018 DarkKnight3565 0

By signing you will be telling Governor-elect Ron DeSantis and the Florida Clemency Board that it is time to send military veteran Michael Giles home.

African American Conservtives AACONS Trump political violence

Trump and the Era of Political Violence

October 25, 2018 DarkKnight3565 0

This is a strategy that might benefit the left in the short-run. But, it is a dangerous game they are playing, and very provocative to the wrong sort of people, with stakes much graver to them, and to all of us, than who will win the next election.

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