Election 2016: Meet The New Boss

To quote The Who, “meet the new boss…same as the old boss.”

Isn’t it odd that we seem to be seeing the same faces over and over again, running for office in our government? Especially when it comes to the office of Commander-in-Chief. Don’t we have hundreds — if not thousands — of politicians out there who would make fairly decent candidates for President? But what we have looks more like the prom king and queen in high school. The popular kids getting thrust in front of us over and over. And we, the American people, seem more and more like the losers, sitting at the cafeteria table having our lunch money repeatedly stolen — taken by the bullies, and being powerless to stop it.

Hillary Clinton has a past plagued by scandal, and, yet, she seems to be the only candidate that either side is talking about. Is she just the prom queen who is guaranteed to take over from our current prom king? Do both sides need her to step in so that they can keep their era of corruption going? Think about it. Though there have been countless scandals that have cropped up under this administration, no concrete action has been taken to serve justice in any of the matters. Maybe it’s not in the interest of either side of the aisle to do anything about it. The Ponzi scheme only works if all of the parties stay in line and do their part. Meanwhile, the day will come when this country can no longer stand under the corruption and mismanagement. The sad part is that, just like the prom king and queen, the vote for the presidency will be based on popularity without any regard for content of character.

The fix is in. The die is cast. Pray for America.

— SS

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Sebastian is an analyst/database developer by day, and comic book collector/enthusiast by night. He is also a serious proghead and the genius behind ProgRockDock.com. He is married to AACONS Co-Founder, Marie Stroughter. Together they have 3 awesome kids who have inherited his love of comics (and one who is an aspiring programmer . . . a chip off of the old block).
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