Race and Roil: The Myth of Race War

As a Conservative reader of Conservative blogs I can tell you that there are many dangers to which Conservatives would like to alert you. There is the danger of the national deficit, which has reached $17 trillion dollars. There is the danger of the federal government ever expanding in power, as we see with the recent developments of Obamacare, Common Core, and an EPA that is developing almost unlimited power over the free market. There is the danger of Radical Islam, of illegal immigration, and of abortion. And there is yet another danger that is frequently mentioned, one that threatens the very fabric of our society, not to mention our very lives – and that is the danger of the upcoming Race War as evident by the sudden escalation of Black-on-White violence.

This is a very prevalent theme. WorldNetDaily (WND), for example, the fringe right-wing site previously mostly known for its incessant questioning President Obama’s birth certificate, posts stories about ‘Black mobs rampaging through out cities and killing Whites’ several times a week – always with the inevitable eye-roller that ‘no one else in the media to report this’. So frequent is their reporting of Black mobs terrorizing White people that one wonders how it is possible that there are any White people left.

WND frequently publishes Doug Giles, a writer who has dedicated countless columns to Black Mobs Terrorizing Whites. Recently Giles wrote a column titled “Another Black on White Beatdown: Why George Zimmerman Carried a Gun and Why You Should.” The “you” here seems to be White people. Giles advises not only concealed carry, but martial arts and traveling in packs as well. What has sparked Giles latest ringing of the racial alarm bell? Three teenagers – no, sorry, let’s quote him accurately , “three, weed-dealing black teenaged thugs” – beat up a White teenager on a school bus.

Another one of WND’s favorite columnists, Colin Flaherty, is ever busily promoting his self-published book, White Girl Bleed A Lot, which is essentially a scrapbook filled with anecdotes of African Americans committing crimes against Whites. Many of these crimes are horrific. Easy to see why this book has become the bible of the “Grab your guns, White America! Race war is coming!” crowd, especially after it received a favorable review from Dr. Thomas Sowell.

David Horowitz’s site, FrontPageMag.com, isn’t quite as alarmist as WND, but it isn’t certainly isn’t hesitant to exploit White fear by showing the pictures of Blacks accused of killing a White person. I emphasize the word “accused” because this site finds it difficult to wait until these accused murderers are actually found guilty of the crimes with which they are accused before they burn the youths in effigy. Perhaps this is because they are too eager to have their readers post their comments on the story – which are invariably along the lines of “these people are animals”, “I wish Zimmerman had killed more of them”, and, of course, “If Obama had a son, this is what he would look like” – to wait for an actual conviction.

Not all of these alarmists are the White right-wing fringe types. Victor Davis Hanson, the brilliant writer often read in National Review and a favored guest for us at AACONS, isn’t, and he wrote how he warned his sons to avoid Black people. Nor is African American American Thinker columnist Taleeb Starkes and he argues against the prospect of a continuing or future race war only because “A race war requires at least two engaging races, whereas the reoccurring black-white intra-racial violence is overwhelmingly one-sided (black).”

Bill O’Reilly recently reported while doing a segment on The Factor (“Killing White People”?) the “unbelievable” statistic that “in 2011 91% of Black Americans who were murdered were murdered by other Black Americans.”

I actually struggle to comprehend why O’Reilly finds this statistic so “astonishing.” But then, racial alarmists do not rely on actual facts as much as they rely on the fear and anger they can invoke from relating horrific yet anecdotal crime stories.

Not all Black-on-White crime is racially motivated. They are not battles in a war against Whites. Nor are they acts of revenge for past sins. Many are simply robberies. 

It has always been true that most murders are intraracial. As Ann Coulter wrote, and discussed with us on our radio show, “looking at the race of the victims is just another way of looking at the race of the murderer.” The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) report that between 1976 and 1997, 94% of African Americans who were murdered, were murdered by African Americans.

This is also not unique to African Americans, of course. Murderers overwhelmingly murder those closest to them; meaning their spouses, family members, friends, associates, and neighbors. According to BJS, during the same 1976 to 1997 time period, 85% of White murder victims were killed by other Whites.

It is also worthwhile to point out that not all Black-on-White crime is racially motivated. They are not battles in a war against Whites. Nor are they acts of revenge for past sins. Many are simply robberies. In fact, according to the FBI, of all the crimes committed against White people in 2010, there were only 575 anti-White incidents.

Furthermore, not only is interracial murder, even Black-on-White murder, a small percentage the overall murder rate, this figure is also skewed by the frequent classification of Hispanics as White. This is significant because Hispanics also live in the same inner cities as Blacks, and are subject to the same outrageous crime rate as Blacks. And in some areas, such as Compton, reports are that racial conflicts and even gang violence have occurred between the two groups, much like when other groups such as the Irish Catholics immigrated in large numbers to inner cities.

Author Tim Wise has an interesting look at interracial crime statistics. He writes in an essay titled “Race, Crime and Statistical Malpractice: How the Right Manipulates White Fear with Bogus Data”:

Given the relative population percentages of whites and blacks, blacks are actually more likely to be interracially murdered by a white person than vice-versa. After all, as for homicides where the race of the offender is known, 447 B-W murders as a share of the white community is 2/10,000ths of 1 percent (0.0002) of all whites killed by blacks, which is 1 in every 500,000 white people who will be killed by a black person in a given year; meanwhile, 218 W-B homicides as a share of the black community is 5.5/10,000ths of 1 percent (0.00055).

So although interracial homicide is incredibly rare in either direction, any given black person is more than 2.75 times as likely as any given white person to be interracially murdered, with roughly 1 in every 180,000 black persons being killed by a white person in a given year.

Wise certainly seems to contradict Starkes’ claim about the one-sidedness of interracial violence.

This is not to excuse murder. Every murderer should be punished. There can be little in life more tragic than losing a loved one to the hands of a murderer, regardless of the race of the victim or the murderer. I can barely even imagine it.

But we should not listen to the exaggerated claims of race war by alarmists who do nothing to substantiate their claims. These alarmists do not us safer by roiling, exploiting, and heightening racial tensions between us. They do not make us wiser. Rather, they make us bigots.


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(correction to my comment: There are times when I see one of my favorite conservatives as having contributed or posted an article on that site… & I cringe as if they’ve been tainted. I can only assume they’re just syndicating & posting everywhere possible.)

The site, wnd, is totally a fringe site. There are times when I see one of my favorite conservatives as having contributed or posted an article on that site. Basically, wnd is for people that wear tin foil hats, waiting for an attack from the mothership that must be orbiting the planet. Literally.
I wouldn’t be too concerned with O’Reilly or Victor Hanson speaking about black crime. What they are doing is countering Liberal dogma; & they over do it. They’re following a meme. O’Reilly is often troublesome & speaks to the middle of the Midwest & is often jeered at by intelligent conservatives. (He often promotes big govt & more laws & regulations)
Hanson’s comment about blacks. Surprises me. One always hates hearing an illogical concept from an admired source. Oh well, I still like his works. We can’t all be perfect. Frontpage Mag is often over the top & takes it cue from O’Reilly, often. I’ve heard many mainline, right conservatives who disagree with Horowitz.
The other issue is, Liberals are obsessed with race. Conservatives are not, (often, in this case, to their detriment, as being a little behind, in communications skills).
I understand exactly what your saying. Great blog!

Also, I don’t think the question here in the minds of most white Americans is, “are blacks more violent than whites?” I feel like most people are pretty well indoctrinated in the public school system to assume the best about people from other races.

I feel like the question has more to do with the current state of affairs and how we resolve these conflicts.

So a history lesson of all the bad things whites have ever done would be a moot point. We get that in public school too. We know already, and it neither justifies nor clarifies current events.

I don’t care for Tim Wise. I distrust his information. I therefore find it troubling that he is given as the only source for the statistics mentioned.

Did he take into account the number of blacks killed by whites who were simply defending themselves? It says nothing about the circumstances regarding the white on black murders.

I have actually read “White Girl Bleed a Lot” by Colin Flaherty. And from there I have always followed his articles from WND and even his website http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/. Colin Flaherty’s book and articles are heavily footnoted and referenced that will show people the truth and it was really undeniable.

That’s fine, believe the conclusions he draws from such material, as long as you are okay with me writing a book and filling it with the evidence of repeated genocide throughout European history and drawing conclusions from that.

Well, how far are we going back? Because, currently, we’re talking about the behavior of a group of people in one of the most advanced nations ever to grace the planet. There has never been a time when people, even and especially poor people, have had more. The context for killing is a little different. However, for the sake of argument, I’ll grant you your blind eye to time and context. I ask again, how far are we going back.? Because you might not enjoy the matching book on African barbarism to include genocide. Except, your genocides are both historical as well as much, much more recent than are ours. You may want to rethink the attack, “conservative”. Btw, I’ve never met a “conservative” who sincereyl quoted Tim Wise. There’s a first for everything.

I have been all over the world and spent time with people of many different races, and economic status. The 2 major reasons for violence always seem to end up being either religious or economic, rather than race. With that said, I am sure that there are always the exceptions to the rule. Men and Women should never be judged by anything but their very own actions

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