Allen West RE: AB1266, CA Transgender Bathroom Law

allenFormer Congressman Allen West issued a statement exclusively to AACONS today, regarding CA 1266:

“There are many idiotic legislative actions emanating from the California State legislature and its misguided Governor Brown, drivers licenses to illegal immigrants most recently. However, most disgusting and reprehensible is this insidious idea into law allowing transgender children into opposite sex bathrooms and locker rooms without any verification. The law of unintended consequences abound, what about children who have been sexually abused? How is it that a small minority now threatens the safety and security of the greater number of our children. How did we get to this place where government subjugates the rights of parents? This law takes effect in January 2014 and represents another front for us to fight for our children.”

Note from AACONS: To help repeal this poorly thought out and biased bit of legislation, go to: CA is a heavily left-leaning state, so please help us by re-tweeting/re-posting! Thank you! –M.

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You r so right,All the immoral ,liberal, democrat side does is create big problems out of small stuff for decent people to deal with.It looks like they would tire of all this stuff, they do.

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