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I am a Black man in his mid 40s of middle income. Although I am very liberal in the general sense of things, voting Democrat all of my life, I am seriously considering supporting Rand Paul in 2016. I appreciate many of his libertarian views on foreign policy, the Drug War, and his adherence to Constitutional principles.

I’ve become very tired of the current discussion we have about ourselves and our aspirations. It holds us hostage to the lowest common denominator. Rather than focus on racism and Black unemployment all the time, I want for us to turn more of our attention where we fully realize ourselves as stakeholders in own futures. I wish for us to focus us Blacks becoming job creators, for ourselves and also for others, instead of worrying about how we can catch a break or how someone wants to hold us down.

I wish Black liberals and conservatives would sit down with each other and hash out an agenda that could contribute to our future success. I only hope that conservatives like Michael Steele and Rand Paul continue to reach out to the Black community, so that we can expand the discussion we have for ourselves and our future. It would be great if he chose Michael as his running mate.

I too feel left out by the GOP. I am a Christian conservative and a fiscal conservative. And being brought up by my German-heritage father sure taught me to do for myself. I’m anti-abortion for ANY reason (God decides who lives and who doesn’t), I believe that while homosexuals should be left to live in peace, they do not qualify for marriage in the Christian sense of the word. There is no place for me in the GOP . The few times Fox has on someone with similar views, I feel THEY are tokens as well.

I don’t live in an ethnically diverse community…we are a small town in a rural setting. I wish there was more I could do to help blacks realize the bill of goods they’ve been sold. In so many ways, I see Liberals with the same biases towards blacks as plantation owners. That blacks are dependent on them and the dems work very hard to keep it that way. I see dems as limiting educational opportunities for black children and forcing the propagation of crime ridden, drug infested ghettos…the very seeds of poor education.

I wish I could do more.

I appreciate your comment, Elisabeth. I can’t say I’m glad others feel this way…I’m not — but it’s nice to know I am not alone (or crazy! 🙂 ). –M.

Thanks for your article and the insight you gained from your interaction with Rand Paul. You probably already know this, but I’ll say it anyway. Your feelings of being an “outsider” and frustrated with the GOP are without doubt justified. Your being left out of GOP politics isn’t because of your being black, though. It’s because of your being conservative – and it is shared by all conservatives, without regard to race. Our only hope to save this country is for all conservatives to band together and retake control of the Republican Party from its liberal, establishment wing, just as Ronald Reagan and his supporters were able to do in 1980. My opinion is that black conservatives are the most important part of the equation, because they are in the best position to make other blacks who continue to vote for their own demise by casting their votes for the very dimocRATs whose hopes of remaining in power rest on their ability to continue to deceive the black community into thinking their interests are being represented by the very people who are actively engaged in insuring their plights will never improve in any meaningful way. The dimocRAT party can only maintain its grasp on power as long as is able to keep a majority of black America dependent on its generosity with the taxpayers’ money. I’m proud to call you my fellow citizen and glad you’re a part of the conservative movement.

Thank you, Daniel! I appreciate your comments & am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in the fight! –M.

Amen Daniel. The exact thoughts I had as I was reading. It is all Conservatives, but especially Christian Conservatives that are totally marginalized by the National and many State Republican organizations. Just like our forefathers we must fight till we win… no retreat, no surrender!

Happy to hear some personal insight about Mr. Paul. Encouraging!