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If the left isn’t using mob tactics to enforce their ideology, they’re doing it subliminally through the powerful media.

I’m a black conservative and all I can do is say that I’m going to stand strong and stay true to my beliefs. I’m willing to endure the tide of this politically correct world we’re currently living in. I have reasons for my conservative views but they’re still valid because they’re mine.

I volunteer at a soup kitchen and I’d like to be involved in mentorship because the state of our children, (in some communities) are in a state of emergency. However with that said I don’t think it should be up to the government to impelement communal LONG TERM policies that will facilitate dependency from some minority communities. Unfortunately if black conservatives even make a suggestion of challenging this dependency and encourage more enterprise and TRUTHFUL discourse on sociology and downplay the power structure of race then we would be called all sorts of names, (leftist ideology is very powerful). I don’t have the answers.

I’m white and I am happy to see there are some African Americans out there with a much wider view. The current crop of democrats will keep ALL poor people down whether black, white or green by making them dependent on government! You’re right; the strong arm tactics of powerful black groups and elite liberal whites make sure this corruption continues. Thomas Sowell is a greater thinker and economist – African Ams need to hear what people like him have to say!!