Marie Stroughter – Mitt Romney’s Presidential Air in 3rd Debate

African-American Conservatives Co-Founder, Marie Stroughter, sums up the last of the Presidential debates for the iVote section at iVillage.

About Marie Stroughter

The traditional bio for Marie Stroughter would be: “Loving wife to hubby of over 20 years, and homeschooling mom to three adorable kids (and one spunky cat!).” Getting a little bolder would be to say that she is an adoptive mom of two, and a freelance writer and copyeditor. Unique factoids might include: social media addict….uh, maven, avid knitter and Founding Mama of her local knitting Guild, and a devotee of all things gadgety. The rabble-rousing version would read: “Marie Stroughter is the activist mom turned co-founder of African-American Conservatives, and, the opinionated, no-holds-barred host of the African-American Conservatives radio show carried on Blog Talk Radio, and, From The Right Radio where she chats weekly with political movers and shakers like Karl Rove, Steve Forbes, Michelle Malkin, Star Parker, Newt Gingrich, Senator Jim DeMint, and other conservative all-stars and rising stars in addition to her contributor status with and the iVillage #iVoices and iVote projects.” But the latter would be a run-on sentence, so we’ll stick with the others. [wink]
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Deepa says:

I think that’s the biggest dnieerffce: people died in one, they didn’t die in the other.I take a simple stance on Presidential responsibility: If it happens when they are in office for more than a month, it is their responsibility (this seems to be Obama’s position yesterday also, but I could care less). So, with that: BP is on Obama. Katrina is on Bush. The dnieerffce is that what happened were on a different magnitude. The decisions made by the Obama administration made the Gulf Coast polluted (but a pollution we are unfortunately really good at cleaning up) and the other cost lives. That’s a big dnieerffce. And any one that forgets that Katrina killed people and BP isn’t going to needs to have their priorites readjusted.

Charles Hill says:

If read the information below, you will understand that the emails sent from our Consulate in Benghazi had started our military response, orders were given to stand down, our military leaders tried to help anyway, and they have now been fired by Obama, or someone just below him.

The Full Story on Benghazi, our Military Response, Security, and Obama

link to