View From the Right: Last Night’s Vice-Presidential Debate

Marie’s assessment of last night’s first and only Vice-Presidential debate, written for iVillage is now live! Chime in!

(NOTE: Though normally I don’t refer to people by last name only, the piece has been edited for length, thus no disrespect is intended –M.)

About Marie Stroughter

The traditional bio for Marie Stroughter would be: “Loving wife to hubby of over 20 years, and homeschooling mom to three adorable kids (and one spunky cat!).” Getting a little bolder would be to say that she is an adoptive mom of two, and a freelance writer and copyeditor. Unique factoids might include: social media addict….uh, maven, avid knitter and Founding Mama of her local knitting Guild, and a devotee of all things gadgety. The rabble-rousing version would read: “Marie Stroughter is the activist mom turned co-founder of African-American Conservatives, and, the opinionated, no-holds-barred host of the African-American Conservatives radio show carried on Blog Talk Radio, and, From The Right Radio where she chats weekly with political movers and shakers like Karl Rove, Steve Forbes, Michelle Malkin, Star Parker, Newt Gingrich, Senator Jim DeMint, and other conservative all-stars and rising stars in addition to her contributor status with and the iVillage #iVoices and iVote projects.” But the latter would be a run-on sentence, so we’ll stick with the others. [wink]
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Benin says:

You’re more than welcome, Marie.

Oh and you know what’s funny? I clearly recall the President making that remark on attacking character because at that time he had me fooled.

So when both he and Biden resorted to this tactic in their debates it triggered the flashback of Obama saying that.

Alrigty then Marie, have a great week!

Benin says:

Hi Marie, I enjoyed your ivillage post. Here’s the thing I liked the most…

Whereas, the narrative that has owned the vp debate has been Biden’s behavior during the debate I enjoyed how you attacked the merit of his statements.

In retrospect, maybe that was the whole point of his disrespectfulness…To distract the viewers so that they would pay more attention to style than substance.

If that was their original goal, then I guess by those standards the incumbent camp did ok.

But what it boils down to is the fact that we, as a voting populace, just need to wake up – now! That’s why I was so encouraged by your write up.

What I found especially poignant, in your argument, was this

“As a deeply religious woman, the question (and answer) that bothered me most was that regarding religion and abortion.

Biden said he has issues with those who would force their views on others, yet he completely ignored those of us on the right who feel this administration has done just that by forcing religious institutions to violate conscience when there are other (currently taxpayer supported!) organizations such as Planned Parenthood, who provide the same services for free. ”

Keep up the good work, Marie!

admin says:

Thank you, Benin! I appreciate the encouragement. I think you are correct in that even the President (in an old quote making the rounds) said, “if you can’t argue on substance, attack character (paraphrased).”