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“have we become a society steeped in incivility?” Actually, no. We’ve always been uncivil, blaming it on many things; religion, lack of sleep, mom, dad, etc. Great think piece says God’s grace always hugs you tight but never squeezes. Frame the rant, M, it’s gold.

It *almost* makes me want to trade in my cellphone, iPad & indoor plumbing to go back to Jane’s time 😉

Thanks for chiming in, Jeannie!

I have seen so many egregious attacks by bitter liberals on the African American Conservatives FB page over the past 3 years. I can’t understand why they feel the need to attack us on ‘our’ turf. Can you imagine Christians going into a mosque and heckling the imam? I appreciate your rant.

Thank you, James! I’ve gotten a little “ban-happy” much to the chagrin of some of our staunchest detractors, but I am serious about maintaining a comfortable environment for conservatives. There are too many sites online for debate, and they are welcome to find one 😉

Great article, Maria. I am always amazed when people attack the messenger and not the message. If a person disagrees with the message, fine, state your point and move forward; once name calling becomes involved (ignorant, stupid, not an independent thinker, etc., etc.), the line of communication immediately shuts down. I so agree with your analogy of becoming a mama grizzly…I can definitely relate. You may pick on me and sometimes get by with it if I’m not in a fighting mood, but mess with my child and you will leave with scar tissue! Thank you for putting to print what a lot of us are feeling.

Well… I am about as un-conservative, anti-organized religion, gay, and white (but not bigoted) as a hick girl can get; but I am TOTALLY for speaking your mind without being whacked around for having an opinion. Attacking anyone – especially a young person – because they disagree with you shows a special kind of ignorance! Debate is one thing but attack is not acceptable.
Not that you asked for my opinion but there it is.

I enjoyed

Continuing Debra’s applause .
I’m white ,conservative Christian . Please know that race does not enter into my choice or vote. You wrote a wonderful letter .

I am a middle-aged, overweight, white, red-headed pagan conservative. PC? I can’t win. According to some us gingers have no souls, pagans are unwashed & going to hell, fat people are the last group you can legally discriminate against & dont get me started on being a middle-aged woman. And if I defend myself, in a humurous maner or not, I am verbally crucified — by both sides. I don’t care if you are black, green, brown, yellow, white, red or purple. Don’t care if you are gay or straight, Christian or not, etc etc. I just want the same respect as everyone else. I am literally afraid to post conservative views on any social media. Why? I have been called racist, stupid, ignorant, hateful, greedy, selfish, etc etc. Can’t post religious stuff either – if I do every Christian friend bombards me with bible verses, religous motivation pics and various lectures on the state of my soul. Or the spend 40 minutes typing a rant about how I am destroying the universe with my unnatural views. Can’t post about gay issues ( mostly because though I sympathize I have other solutions the make more sense). Frankly, I am tired of having to self censor. I like dirty jokes, ethnic jokes and I am proud of my religious & political views. It is so tiresome to listen about diversity when they really me that you can be diverse as long as you agree with me. I like to point out how BOTH sides are not always accurate or honest. But at least I admit that all sides play that game. Time to own up folks. Put on your big girl panties and learn to have fun. Our differing views is what makes life interesting. BTW – picking on a 14 year old for posting a quote? There are meds for that. Find some help — soon.