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LtCl West is running in a district south of us. I received a very gracious thank you letter for my donation with……….not one, zero, zip request for any additional money. That has never happened before.
The second donation was considerably more for many reasons, but that was a factor. Again, I received another simple thank you and not a hint for any more funds. Think about that. Ever had that happen? Nope, didn’t think so. He has leadership qualities which we haven’t seen in quite awhile.
Go West!

Beautifully said, Lt.Colonel!! If I lived in Florida, you’d get my vote!!

Race politics are ugly, not matter what color is playing them.

Particularly troubling is the hypocrisy of Eric Holder, the man who accused America of being a “nation of cowards” for not dealing with racial issues.

Seems he’s the real coward, doesn’t it?