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I wonder if the Obama plan actually involves much in the form of compromise. He just posted his plan online, and it is pretty clear it is a “drive a stake into the heart of Private Healthcare”. Once it becomes financially impossible for Healthcare companies to exist, in will come the Left with their unweildy and gargantuan Socialized medicine plan.

Then take the so-called “Healthcare summit” with Republicans. Will there be compromise? I am doubtful. It seems like yet another chance for an Obama teleprompter speech including a scolding of the “party of no” and then endless media parrots spreading the message.

I can envision the next statement from the President, “I really tried, but they didn’t have any ideas (chuckling)”

Enter Pelosi and Reid who then tack some amalgum of this bureaucratic boondoggle to another bill and enact the dreaded “reconciliation” to avoid a filibuster. Can it work in an election year? Hard to say, but these people want to give it a try, regardless of public outrage. To them, Government expansion is a right.

I truly hope you are right about compromise, but I am also a realist.

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