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I love my president. He is doing a great job and will continue to do so. He is a smart man, his age has nothing to do with it. the country is run by many people,including you and I. He alone can’t do it. he has great ideas but some people in washington refuse to work with him mainly because of the color of his skin. So sad.

Clearly we disagree about how well the President is performing. However, he is our President too, and as such we pray for Him, and our country as we endure these hard times, brought about, in part, by his policies.


Why would our wonderful president be so upset over hearing what is true about him. We as Americans should have never elected this guy. He is to young and dumb when it comes to running a nation as great as America. Take for instance what happen to Gen. Stanley McChrystal. he spoke his mind, and what did it get him, fired!!! All because our wonderful president got his little feelings hurt. Gen Mc Chrystal was a great leader, and a great solider, the only problem is that he honestly believed that America had freedom of speech, we say we do, it is written in the constitution, but I Guss that doesn’t apply if what you say under that right, hurts the feelings of our so called commander and chief. What were we thinking electing such a little kid into office, he has no place there, and the American people are seeing this, at least I hope they are. And to be honest with you, it sounds like to me, he is just throwing a little temper fit like any good little boy would. And no I am not a REP, I am a Dem. so you can’t even say that I am Bias, this is true. Our president is destroying this great nation little by little, why won’t they Impeach him, he is just a little baby.

This is an excellent post. Thank you for for such a logical and succint discussion of this disturbng issue.