Book Review: Saving Freedom by Jim DeMint

Saving Freedom

Saving Freedom

I have heard it said that President Obama does not like him. That would make sense, because if there is anyone in Washington who represents the antithesis of Obama, it is him: Senator Jim DeMint is the anti-Obama.

DeMint makes this clear in his book, Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America’s Slide Into Socialism. In it, he delivers an interesting expose on socialism by examine its history, its appeal, and the dangers it presents. While Obama calls for bigger and more powerful government – and with that more intrusion into and more control over our economic and private lives – DeMint argues that this philosophy only creates mass dependency upon the government. And with mass dependency, DeMint says, comes less of “civilization’s highest expression of human respect and love.” Freedom.

That is not a message President Obama or many in Washington want to hear. However, I found the message of freedom, coming as it does from a senator and a man who may one day be our president, inspiring.


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Patty Burnley says:

Wonderful read. Jim DeMint tells it like it really is and it’s a great wake-up call to all Americans. God Bless America and the work of freedom-loving people everywhere.

Ashley L says:

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book, as it sums up what it means to be American, and what it takes to keep America the home of the free. Thank you Senator Demint, for this inspiring expression of freedom.

Kim Teeters says:

Just finished reading the book. Awesome. Really helped pull together many of my own thoughts. I am sharing this book with everyone I know. This is a must read for America.

GeekGirl2u says:

Wow GREAT review thanks for being honest.
We love Jim DeMint in SC and may God Bless all who are honest about the book!

Thanks for the kind words, and be sure to listen to our interview with Senator DeMint on Blog Talk Radio: link to

Great Review. I’ve posted it to the book’s website Thanks for spreading the word about this important and relevant work.

Thank you so much, Kristin! We’re happy you are pleased!