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First, I would like to express my appreciation for your fantastic articulation of your thoughts. Conservatism is Nutritious:)

Oddly enough, I stumbled upon your website while Google searching Carrie Prejean. I can’t remember why I Googled her, but I am glad I did. Otherwise I wouldn’t have stumbled upon this. Anyways, thank you for the reading. I enjoyed your free-speech video as well. I look forward to visiting frequently. Brad

[quote]the empathy to recognize what it’s like to be a young teenage mom, the empathy to understand what it’s like to be poor or African-American or *** or disabled or old.[/quote]

This type of rationale ticks me off….as a Black man.

I recall a few years ago listening to the local “Speak Truth To Power” talk radio station. They had a White male liberal attorney formerly of the US Justice Department Civil Rights division on the show. In reaming against the Bush Administration and its voting rights protection he made the list of the invalids stating that “the poor, the elderly, the handicapped and racial minorities will be harmed by this legislation”. (Talking about photo voter id).

He saw his job as protecting those who were on his list of the “invalids”. Thus he argued that since Bush was in office fewer “Civil Rights complaints” had been prosecuted.

This got me mad enough to call in to challenge him. By the time I got though the interview was over. I asked the talk show host if Black people would accept the argument “since our drug prosecutions are at an all time high we have the drug problem in check?”. Clearly the same people who bought his argument that since civil rights violation claims were not acted upon is proof of an uncaring administration would REJECT the claim from an administration that increased drug prosecutions is evidence of an administration that is agreeable with their interests. In fact many of these people would be the protesters claiming that too many Black people have been locked up.

Obama’s use of the “victims list” is as equally disturbing. It serves to redirect the question about our community leadership’s failures to address those issues facing the poor and single mothers and instead makes it all a matter of a lack of justice that they face from society.